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Murder  Mystery  

The entertainment authority in Ottawa - Murder Mystery Ottawa
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 Ottawa's Funniest MOBILE MYSTERIES  - we bring the fun to you! 
Our in-person and virtual shows are almost too fun to be LEGAL! 
Choose a PRIVATE SHOW for your group or let us recommend one...


Murder Mystery Ottawa's BigTime IDOL
Murder Mystery Ottawa office party mysteries

Our larger-than-life characters whip your group into a comedically mysterious frenzy during a meal or as a stand-alone event.

Great for corporate team building!

Private show for groups of 10 - 400

Virtual team building on Zoom
Ottawa's best office party entertainment

Your guests play the suspects while our comedic copper runs the show.

No acting experience necessary, just a desire to have fun and 

get away with Murder! 

Private show for groups of 8 - 100

Murder Mystery Ottawa - Best Team building ideas in the Ottawa area

We've been knockin'em dead since 1992

5-Star FUN!

Work From Home and other geographically separated groups love our professionally hosted U-dunnit Mysteries on Zoom.

One of your gang is the KILLER!

Can you catch the culprit?

Private show for groups of 8 - 498

Think of it as Canada's Got Talent meets The Gong Show! Our comedic characters compete for the BigTime IDOL title with the help of up to 24 of your guests.

It's like nothing you've seen before!

Private show for groups of 24 - 2000

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Murder Mystery Ottawa meets the BigTime
5-star training and quality standard 

All our shows are family friendly and HR friendly. Minors are welcome in the audience but

we don't do kids show.

Freedom Financial hired Murder Mystery Ottawa to impress their VIPs

Wow. Peter and his cast and crew were phenomenal. Their energy was unstoppable and they have a true knack for reading the crowd. They kept things moving at a great pace, there was never a lag, and I swear they were enjoying themselves as much as the crowd was. They found a way to involve just about every member of the audience in the show in some way, and they had almost the entire room up in a conga line right at the beginning. The only complaint I got was from a lady who said her face hurt at the end of the night from laughing too much. This event was so much better than I anticipated and I don’t know how I’ll ever top it. Big Time was so easy to work with, so professional, so flexible, and so much fun that I would easily recommend both them.                                                                                         -  Andrea J.

Red Cross booked Murder Mystery Ottawa to entertain their VIPs
The response was overwhelmingly positive - everyone loved it!  You kept us laughing from the start, right on through to the very end.                                                                         -  Danielle R.

Peter that was the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a fun night we had.  The Murder Mystery totally fit into our group. Your staff was just so fun and really entertaining.                              - Shannon L 

New Flyer loved their Murder Mystery Ottawa performance
Best Christmas party idea in Ottawa area

We had a BLAST!!  Everyone here loved this production; I’ve never received so much positive feedback before so,  great job!  We would absolutely look at doing something like this again.  Again, thank you to you and your great crew, everyone one was fantastic, funny and certainly entertaining.                                                          - Krista M.

Broder Electric booked Murder Mystery Ottawa for an excellent Holiday party

Thank you and your group for making our party such a hit this year.  Your show was fantastic as was your crew.  Everyone is still raving about it this morning. 

I’ll definitely be recommending your production to others.                                                                                     - Angela T.

I have been overwhelmed with compliments and comments about how much our employees and their guest enjoyed this year’s party!  

                                                                  - Natalie B

Best Christmas party ever
Highest rated corporate entertainer in Ottawa area

A big thank you to your team for coming and putting a great show on at our holiday party on Friday. We have had lots of great feedback. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had fun!                            - Leandra K

All our shows are family friendly and HR friendly.

Minors are welcome in the audience but we don't do kids show.

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Murder Mystery Ottawa's award winning cast. The Team building experts
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